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what to feed german shepherd puppy

What To Feed German Shepherd Puppy

Nutrition is important all through your dogs life. Proper nutrition plays a part in your dogs health, longevity of life, and overall well being. Dogs require protein, carbohydrates, and other important ingredients in their food. A well fed dog with few nutritional needs is a happier dog all around. So what to feed German Shepherd puppy?

Dry Kibble Premium VS Commercial Dog Food

Dry kibble is a common daily diet for most dogs. A good kibble will contain meats, grains, vegetables and other additives. Not all brands are the same or have high nutritional value.

One of the great dilemmas when determining a healthy dog diet is premium vs commercial foods.

We decide to either spend more on a premium dog food or spend less on a commercial brand.

What we don't always realize is that we are sacrificing our pets health when we go commercial.

Commercial dog foods don't carrying the same nutritional value that premium brands do. Check ingredient labels and make a knowledgeable choice that fits into your budget.

Soft Canned Dog Food VS Dry Dog Food

Hard kibble is good for bigger dogs as it helps their jaws and teeth develop properly. Chewing is something dogs do almost all of the time.

Eating is an exercise in the sense that it works out natural needs of the dog.

A dog that is fed a soft food diet is more prone to chewing on things it shouldn't, rapid tooth decay, and may have constant loose bowels.

Soft dog food can be used in older dogs when appetite needs to be encouraged. Smaller sized puppy kibble should be used for daily feeding over soft dog food to encourage healthy eating habits.

Spoiling a puppy with soft dog food early on can make it hard to convert him over to a healthy kibble. They prefer soft over hard but it's not in their best interest long term.

Feed German Shepherd Puppy Healthy Alternatives

You can add to your dogs health in other ways besides what the main course is.

Adding a tablespoon of canned pumpkin to your pets kibble will zest up the flavor and provide a nutritional immunity boost.

Many different foods can be used in this manner.

Eggs are also a healthy supplement you can occasionally give to your dog to provide a healthy variety of nutrients.

Liver snacks and other homemade treats specifically meant for dogs are another way to supplement your pets health. This is extremely important if you're using a commercial brand dry kibble.

Table food is not always healthy for dogs and is a bad habit to get into with your pet.

Feed German Shepherd puppy a premium dry kibble supplemented with a nutritional variety of treats that can lead to a long, healthy life for your GSD.

Give your German Shepherd puppy the best you can.

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