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how to train a german shepherd puppy to sit

How To Train German Shepherd Puppy To Sit

It can be a fun and enjoyable experience to train German Shepherd puppy to sit. This training time gives your pet the attention and exercise it requires. It can become a regular routine after it's learned to keep things fresh in your dogs mind.

There are a few steps to follow when you train German Shepherd puppy to sit.

Don't Rush Things. Training Is Lifelong

Potty training is the first thing puppies should be taught. If your dog isn't fully potty trained focus could be better spent on that part. Save the general manners training for after your puppy is potty trained.

Create A Distraction Free Environment

Training is best done in a distraction free environment. Your fenced in back yard may work but remember it's a familiar place and keeping puppies attention is a key factor.

An extra room in the house can also be used. It's important your German Shepherd realizes play time is over and it's time to be serious. The same goes when you're done with the training lesson this should be marked with treats and positive words.

A good time frame for training a puppy is about 15-30 minutes. You can do this more than once a day if desired. Remember to give breaks if you or puppy is feeling frustrated. Give it time.

Command Words and Hand Signals

Using command words with the desired action lets your German Shepherd puppy relate the action and the word. If your dog approaches you and sits naturally add "good sit" and reward him.

Even though you didn't command the action it teaches him to relate the word sit with the action he took. Some smarter dogs learn to sit naturally in this manner rather than having to reinforce the command over and over.

Hand signals work much the same and can be just snapping your fingers. Sound and motion keeps your dog attentive to your wants.

Treats and Rewards For Wanted Behaviors

Treats can be used to entice your dog to please you. He learns if he follows a command he will be rewarded. Even half attempts (he sat briefly) should be rewarded in the beginning to encourage him to follow through.

Treats get the dogs attention and they will try to figure out what to do to get the treat from you.

Always offer words of encouragement yet keep command words short. Rewarding good behavior sets a positive pattern and lets your dog know you're pleased with him.

How to train German Shepherd puppy to sit can be a hard task or an easy one depending on your attitude and expectations. Keeping a positive attitude and lowering expectations can help work out frustrations that come with dog training.

Some pet owners will question other pet owners for tips and tricks they used to train their dogs. Don't be afraid to ask questions of others if you just don't know what to do.

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