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how to stop german shepherd from biting

How To Stop German Shepherd From Biting

German Shepherds grow big and strong. Having an unruly dog in your home can leave your home in chaos.

Proper training can help you fix most if not all behavior problems in dogs.

It's common for German Shepherds to bite and nip, especially in the puppy stage. If biting isn't properly modified with training your dog could hurt someone very badly. This can lead to fines, injury, lawsuits, and potentially your dog losing it's life if biting frequently.

Why German Shepherds Bite and Nip

In the puppy stage dogs playfully bite and nip at litter mates. This is the time when dogs learn boundaries and social interaction with familiar dogs.

If puppies are adopted too early they may not have fully learned what is or isn't proper behavior in regards to biting and nipping. Teething puppies should be given plenty of chew toys to dissuade chewing on inappropriate items.

It's during this time you want to start to assert your authority when training your dog. There will be play biting that needs to be given a command of no before the biting gets out of hand.

You teach your dog what is acceptable by what you allow. Play biting and rough play may seem fun at first until you realize biting of any kind can lead to dangerous habits.

Setting The Rules For German Shepherds That Bite

When playing with your dog and it goes to bite you simply tell it NO or ouch. They will push your boundaries yet it's up to you to establish the rule.

You must stay consistent with correcting the dog at the same time letting it no biting is not okay. Using positive reinforcement, "Good boy" when your dog listens to your command helps him to understand he did a good job of listening.

Some German Shepherds will bite out of fear or from provocation. Make sure your dog is not being taunted by others through a fence or other barrier.

This can lead to unwanted aggression toward humans.

If your dog is biting people who are new to him it may be because of fear. Let your dog get to know new people by frequently getting him around them. This is called socializing.

New situations can cause fear and your sensitive German Shepherd may react by biting. You don't want to push your dog into uncomfortable situations, you want to read his reactions to sort out what is causing it, and work to correct it.

So how to stop German Shepherd from biting? There are several ways to teach your German Shepherd not to bite or nip.

You could start with self training at home, while in puppy stage.

Another alternative is professional training which is done by someone with solid knowledge of your dogs breed. They would take into consideration it's innate characteristics and their own training skills to correct the biting issue.

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