German Shepherd Training Colorado

German Shepherd Training Colorado

German Shepherd training schools in Colorado.

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Colorado German Shepherds

Colorado German Shepherds is a training center for dogs located in Franktown Colorado. They specialize mainly on training German Shepherd Dogs. They are OFA certified. All their German Shepherds are DNA tested and all their adults have protection training and are titled.

Their training for German Shepherds training includes training for World champions, Temperament for pet or show,

With all this training, your dog will be able to learn most of the behavioral training and obedience training necessary to make it a better dog. Colorado German Shepherds also offer training for protection dogs.

Dogs trained for protection will go through the Schutzhund training, Life-Long bonding training, Protection sport training and search and rescue training.

Dogs trained for protection are always loyal to their owners, so there is need for the owner to be around for the training, so the owner and the dog can both be trained together. Dogs that are trained at their center are brave, loyal, independent, and intelligent.

Colorado German Shepherds are also breeders of AKC German Shepherds with lineage of World Champions, Obedience titled dogs, and Schutzhund Champion dogs, all of whom can socialize easily into a loving family environment.

Their puppies are already vaccinated and microchipped.


Come Sit Stay is a professional dog training center that is located at both 9099 S. Woodwan Way in Parker and 12692 W. Ken Caryl Ave in Littleton Colorado.

It is a family owned dog training center that is owned by both Tim and Lori. They provide their clients with maximum results with just minimum efforts, with their 3 modes of training whereby you can choose from, based on budget and time availability.

They have a very beautiful training facility where you can bring your dogs to be trained on aggressive behavior, feeding behavior and obedience behavior.

They have professional trainers that interact with the dogs every day to monitor their progress and train them on a daily basis to be the best they can be using high quality dog training equipment.

They have a 3 week training package that include 3 private follow-up lesson. For the follow-up lessons, you may schedule those lessons when you check in your dog. One of the follow-up lessons must be conducted when you check-out and the other two must be completed within one month.

Come Sit Play also offer pet boarding, doggie day play and pet shipping services.

Kevlera K9 Professional Dog Training

The Kelevra K9 Professional Dog Training is a top rated dog training center, established in 2015. It is located in Northern Colorado.

Dog trainers in Kelevra K9 has a combined experience of over 25 years in dog training with certificate in Decoy Certification and Obedience Team.

Kevlera K9 specialize in all aspects of dog training ranging from personal protection dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs and competition dogs.

Their mission is to deliver the exact training the customers want and need for their dog, through handler education, dog training, and superior support, they make the dream of their customers come true.

For protection dogs training, they train both you and your dog together. They want both you and your dog to bond together a much as possible by training you together. After each training exercise, you would see improvements in your dog behavior.

Their training programs include protection training, obedience training, scent detection, tracking, and guard dog training.

Off-Leash K9 Training - Colorado

We also have the Off-leash K9 training center for dog owners who want to have a better relationship with their dogs.

If you are worried about your dog’s behavioral characteristics, then Off-leash K9 dog training center Colorado is the best for you.

With 3 major centers in Colorado, Colorado springs, Denver and Northern Colorado, Off-leash training is an off leash dog training business that specializes in private lessons, dog behavior consultations and puppy consultation.

With dog trainers with experience and training ranging from US Military, DOD, US Secret Service, and private sector, your dog would be trained to have the same level of obedience as most police or military working dogs.

The Off-Leash K9 Training is a veteran owned and family operated dog training center, a member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers and fully licensed and insured.

They have won 2 world records in dog obedience training, voted best dog trainer in Virginia two years in a row and over 1200+ before and after videos on YouTube.

They offer services that ranges from Puppy training, Starter packages, Basic obedience, Advanced obedience, Basic and Advanced obedience combined together and a 2-week board and train services. They also have a YouTube channel where you can watch their dog training exercises.

Rancho Terra Norte

Rancho Terra Norte is a home for quality German Shepherds and the Northern Colorado Herding Cooperative.

They are located in Northern Colorado, just north of Fort Collins.  It is a family owned dog training center.

In 1984, the beginning of Terra Norte started, when the owner had a German Shepherd Dog.

Her goal is to provide families with dogs that will be good members of the family.

The training center was established in April 2003 on a 40 acres of rolling, dry land native grass with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain.

Training centers have members that are currently active in both regional and national breed clubs. Their members are accredited ASCA, AHBA and AKC herding judges.

With a parking capability for over 100 vehicles, there are enough spaces for clients to bring their dogs for training.

They offer training programs that ranges from dog obedience training, canine behavior modification and protection training programs. Your dog will be trained on how to walk on a loose leash, sit on command, and lie down when told and to remain the down position when told to do so until release.

All the bad behaviors in your dog which could have been caused by improper socialization during the imprinting phase will be replaced with correct behaviors. Ranco Terra Norte offer a 6 session training course to prepare dogs for the AKC Farm Dog Certification Test.

Rancho Terra Norte also can help you with training other dog breeds.

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Two Bears Dog Training

It is more relaxing and fun to have your dog obey and listen to every single instruction your give to him.

This may sound strange and difficult to achieve, but Two Bears Dog training is a dog training center that is dedicated to bringing the best out of your dog.

It is a family owned dog training center that was established in the year 1997 and located in Colorado.

The training center is a member of Longmont Humane Society, International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), Black Diamond Schutzhund Club, United States Mondioring Association (USMRA) and Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine (DVG).

Ever since it has been created, they have been helping humans and their dogs to have a better relationship with each other. They offer the best dog training exercise in Colorado with experienced training staff that has over 40 years of combined experience.

Their mission is to help you and your dog/puppy to learn how to develop fast and relate well with each other by giving you both the skills and the tools to continue the training process as long as you want.

At Two Bears Dog training center, dogs thrive on Carnivore meat, LLC and Red Rock Raw, raw meat diets, just to make sure that your dog are well taken care-of and that they are feed on healthy raw meat diet.

They use a “marker’’ and reward based motivational training to teach your dog desirable behavior and how to maintain those behaviors when in your care by teaching them 6 or more behaviors in 6 sessions.

german shepherd training colorado gsd training

German Shepherd Training Los Angeles

German Shepherd Training Los Angeles

German Shepherd training classes in Los Angeles.

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Rancho Rhein


K9 Coach Dog Training


K9 Behavior Services


German Shepherd Watchdogs


Los Angeles K-9 Services - Danubius Kennels




Amazing K9 Training

german shepherd training los angeles

German Shepherd Training AZ

German Shepherd Training AZ

German Shepherd training classes in Arizona. We have compiled a list of the top dog training centers in AZ. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.

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Abbott's German Shepherds

It is the dream of every GSD owner to have well trained German Shepherd. At Abbott’s German Shepherds, they offer services ranging from puppy adoption to dog training program.

They are located in Maricopa, Arizona and are OFA certified.

For their puppy adoption program, they provide families in need of a well trained German Shepherd puppy with puppies that are well socialized right from their birth. Their puppies have no problem when it comes to adapting to their new homes, based on the simulations and trainings they have undergone. Abbott's German Shepherds provides every necessary information that you need to know about your new puppy, based on their years of experience with dog training and adoption.

With over 25 years of experience in dog training and dog psychology, they can train dogs that are overly aggressive or overly shy, to be the dog you want it to be.

Abbott’s German Shepherds do not only specialize in training German Shepherds. They also help with training other dog breeds.

Farbenholt Kennels

The Farbenholt Kennels German Shepherds is a home where by your dog can unleash its true potentials through various training exercises.

Farbenholt Kennels is located at Dewey Arizona, with trainers with over 60 years combined in dog training.

Farbenholt Kennels are members of the Prescott Arizona Kennel Club, United Schutzhund Clubs of America and Leader of the 4-H Prescott Valley.

They offer training lessons for dogs that range from inboard program which only takes 3 weeks for them to train your dog on basic manners and behavior, private sessions, group obedient classes whereby you would be able to relate with your dog based on the obedience training he has gone through with greater confidence, and the protection training program.

One of the goals of the company is to provide an optimal client satisfaction, and they fulfill this by giving instructions to dogs and their handlers for a more optimal performance and also provide wheelchair assistance for disabled persons.

Farbenholt Kennels also breed high quality AKC registered German shepherd, Belgian Malinois and offer dogs for adoption.


Good GSD at Freestone is not the regular dog training facility see around. They offer obedience dog training for German Shepherd Dogs at Freestone Park.

With over 11 dogs to train with, they make it easier for dog training. The training was organized by Jeff, who saw the need to train dogs on a weekly basics just to make it convenient for owners who have their daily job to go to. Some of their dogs have gotten their Canine Good Citizen Certificate from the AKC.

They offer basic training skills that range from behavioral training to obedience training, all of which brings out the best behavior in your dog.

GoodGSDs obedience training program ranges from on leash and off leash obedience training packages. During this training, your dogs are trained on good house manners. When your dog goes through their obedience training program, it will learn how to greet people politely. Also not to jump on your guests and stop excessive barking, stealing trash and being destructive.

They believe that training a dog at a very young age is the key to raising a well behaved dog or puppy.

Hillside K9 Academy

Hillside K9 Academy is a certified dog training academy, located in the foothills of beautiful Camp Verde, Arizona.

It is a family owned dog training academy that started back in 2002 when the founder who already has experience in dog training since the late 80's met with his wife. With over 25years in dog training Hillside K9 Academy has ones be voted the best dog training school in northern Arizona.

At Hillside K9 Academy, they specialize in training all types of dogs to make them special and smarter. They have training programs in place, starting from the beginners to the advanced training, home-based training to service specific training. They specialize on personalized care, whereby they lay emphasis on obedience bred from a compassionate, proven and safe behavioral modification techniques. They offer dog training for both private and family protection to official or professional handlers.

Dogs that are trained for family protection in their academy go through the following training classes: agility training, obedience training, protection training, puppy manners training and behavior solving training.

Dogs that are trained for professional handlers can be used by the law enforcement, border patrol, search and rescue and as service dogs.

Hillside K9 Academy also breeds Dutch shepherd, German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois puppies for sale. Both GSD and Belgian Malinois dogs can be reliably trained to faithfully perform both private and professional duties.

They also offer dog boarding programs and offer dogs for sale.

Lose The Leash

For families looking for a way to train their dog to do the extraordinary, Lose the Leash dog training is the right choice for you.

The training center is owned and operated by Rob and Erin Jewell, who have won many awards in their field.

Lose The Leash are located at the Phoenix East Valley, with the aim of bringing out the best behavior in your dog.

They train all type of dog breeds from puppy training to behavioral modification. All their trainings programs are personalized to suit and fit your dog’s needs.

With over 20 years of dog training, your dog would be taught the best behavioral skills that would make it to listen ad obey your instructions. They would teach your basic skills that would make it to have a better relationship with you. With just two days in the dog training facility, your dog will be happy and more confident dog already.

Quality K-9

Quality K-9 is a top quality accredited dog training center that is located at Phoenix and Scottsdale area, Arizona.

They have been voted has 'Best of the Valley' in the November 2012 Phoenix magazine.

The founder of Quality K-9 has over 22 years experience in dog training and has received his helper certification from the two leading American Working Dog Association in US, USA and the GSDCA-WDA at Regional Level.

They offer 3 major types of dog training programs, which range from dog Obedience training, canine behavior modification to Schutzhund dog training programs. For dog obedience training programs, Quality K-9 dog training center uses modern dog training methods based on behavioral science, to teach your dog how to be a ultimate canine companion and how to excel to his full companion.

Quality K-9's obedience training programs range from on-leash and off-leash obedience packages to even more personal, custom tailored obedience packages whereby they address very specific dog training issues.

They also offer Canine behavior modification, whereby dogs are trained in order to alter unwanted behavior. Their bad behavior are exchanged with a learned replacement behavior.

Their German Shepherd/Schutzhund (Which is German for 'protection dog') dog training programs are meant for training protection dogs. Under this program, there are 3 different levels of Schutzhund titles, SchH1, SchH2 and the SchH3. Dogs are trained for tracking, obedience and protection in each levels.

Quality K-9 also offer boarding and training program whereby your dog can live the trainer, while undergoing more intensive behavior modification training.

Vintar German Shepherds Arizona

Vintar German Shepherds Arizona was founded by a woman who had love for the German Shepherd breed for over 20 years.

She started learning search and rescue with a dog trainer in the year 2012.

She is an evaluator trainer for AKC CGC.

They major mainly on training dogs for search and rescue, cadaver, agility, CGC certification (Good Canine Citizenship).

It is a family owned training facility and they are SDRA registered, AKC registered, CGC certified, DNA tested, OFA certified and CGCA/CGCU titles. The training facility is located at Buckeye, Arizona but it is advisable to set an appointment either by calling or visiting their Facebook site.

They have a covered agility course in their dog park for training.

Vintar German Shepherd Arizona does not believe in taking your dog away from you for training. They believe in training you and your dog together at the same time.

The dog would be taken away from its territory and taken to a neutral territory whereby you would be trained on how to train your dog.

They also have a CGC star puppy class program. The class is a 7 sessions once per week and one hour per session class.

german shepherd training az

German Shepherd Training NJ

German Shepherd Training NJ

Find the best German Shepherd training school in NJ.

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Jagermeister German Shepherds


John Soares K9 Training


Jersey Shore Canine


Metro K9 Academy


Vom Floyd Haus Shepherds


The Prestigious Paw


Paramus NJ Dog Trainers


The Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club

german shepherd training nj

German Shepherd Training Las Vegas

German Shepherd Training Las Vegas

German Shepherd trainers in Las Vegas.

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Assertive K-9 Training: Las Vegas

Assertive K-9 Training and Thinschmidt  German Shepherd is a top quality dog training center, owned and operated by a family with over 40 years in dog obedience training.

They have two training centers. One at 11111 Spanish Hills Dr. Corona, California and another at 3709 Bordley Way North Las Vegas.

Assertive K-9 Training and Thinschmidt is a certified dog training center. They have Certified Pet Trainers, Certified Regional Helper and Pet CPR & First Aid certifications. Dog trainers at the center are members of top dog training associations.

Their major mission is to guide dog owners and educate them on how to handle, train, and establish an appropriate relationship with their dogs by offering group classes and private training programs. In-board training programs and VIP training programs. So there is something for every client.

Manners training and behavioral management classes are some of the courses that will be offered during the group class session. While the private training program is ideal for dog owners who want a personal program and attention for their dogs.

The in-board training is meant for dog owners that would love their dogs to stay at the training facility while they are been trained, and the VIP training program is for those who want a top notch training in a more comfortable manner for their dogs.

They are also a GSD European line breeder.

Blue Ribbon K9 Las Vegas Dog Training Center

For families looking for a way to communicate more effectively with their dog and get rid of their dog’s bad behaviors,  Blue Ribbon K9- Las Vegas Dog Training is a worthwhile option to consider.

Blue Ribbon K9 dog training center was established in 1991, with over 25 years experience in dog training of all kind in Las Vegas and California.

They are located in 7260 W. Azure Drive Suite 140206 Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their main focus is training basic-to-advanced obedience. In addition to obedience training they also offer personal protection, puppy preschool programs, and are also certified to test dogs for AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Blue Ribbon K9’s certified professional Animal Behavior Specialists have studied dog behavior for over 20 years in order to provide you with the scientifically proven, motivational, and result oriented training solutions.

They offer training plans that ranges from Dog Obedience Training, Behavioral Modification, and Canine Aggression to Puppy Training plans.

Discounted rates are available for training newly adopted dogs, either from shelters or from rescue groups.

Gibson's Canine Classroom

Gibson’s Canine Classroom is located in Las Vegas.

The training center is owned by Mark Gibson, who has extensive 25 years experience and hands-on experience with dog training. They won the Las Vegas Top 25 Pet Service award in the year 2016

Gibson’s Canine Classroom dog training service addresses various dog's problems that involve aggression, anxiety, barking, destructiveness, fear/shyness, housetraining, and hyperactivity. Even resource guarding and sound phobias, such as thunderstorms.

Whatever are your dog’s quirks, problems, age, or energy level, you can be assured that Gibson’s Canine Classroom is a dependable and reputable trainer for your dog.

He can conveniently evaluate your dog’s temperament at your home. Ask the right questions and find the best solutions to improve your dog’s behavior. They provide proper training that enables the owners to learn to interact with their dog with more ease and better results.

Happy Tails Family Dog Training

Happy Tails Family Dog Training is a dog training center is owned by Deborah Manheim who has a CSAT, CDBC and CPDT-KA certification.

They offer reinforcement-based dog training in and around Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Happy Tails Family Dog Training are committed to helping you find practical solutions to your dog's problems, in order to keep your pet well behaved at your home.

Happy Trail Family Dog Training center uses a training method that marine mammal trainers have employed for years. It is called the Clicker training method, whereby a signal or event marker is used to send out sound to the dog. The Clicker method is used to build a partnership relationship between the dog and its owner.

Happy Trail Family Dog Training center's methods will help in solving your dog chewing, house soiling, vocalization, nipping and mouthing, dog to dog issues and inappropriate dog greetings. They will strive to provide you with the most up-to-date training protocols. But not only that, also to give you skills so you are able to continue your dog's training long after your training sessions at the training center.

GOT K9 Professional Dog Training

GOT K9 Professional Dog Training center in Las Vegas offers professional training programs for family dogs. They have been offering dog training services in Las Vegas over 15 years.

GOT K9 Professional Dog Training prefer a one-on-one training methods for dog training. They believe when dog owners are trained one-on-one with their dogs, it will improve the bond and create a more friendly relationship between the owner and the dog.

GOT K9 Professional Dog Training center will help in solving the issues of your dog becoming aggressive when around other dogs with their Dog aggression and socialization class.

Starting with a good foundation work and progressing to a more advanced obedience training, they will increase the level of your dog’s confidence.

With the help of their professional dog training, you are rest assured that your dogs bad behaviors and aggression problems will soon be solved.

Southern Nevada Dog Training

Southern Nevada Dog Training is owned by a formal Police and Canine trainer, Michael Whitty. With over 20 years of professional dog training experience, he uses positive reinforcement with firm and authoritative handling in training dogs without the use of shock collar.

They are located in Southern Nevada, Las Vegas.

Southern Nevada Dog Training specializes on correcting typical dog behavioral problems that involves excessive barking, jumping at visitors, lunging or biting at people/aggression, destructive chewing, house training, pulling on leash, running out the dog, separation anxiety and fear or anxiety problems.

With their puppy training class, basic obedience training, potty training, leash training and off leash training classes, all your dog’s behavioral problems will be solved in no time. Their clients have the option of either choosing the private dog training lesson, the group dog training classes, or the K-9 camp.

For clients who are interested in the private training lessons, there are options too. The most popular private training course involves 6-8 training sessions, where you dog will have a one-on-one training session with the dog trainer at your home, or a location of your choice.

The group dog training class includes a 8 one hour group classes which usually are held once per week on a Saturday for 8 weeks in a roll.

These classes are a great way to socialize your dog with other dogs.

The K-9 camp is the most advanced dog training option whereby the dog trainer would take your dog home for 3 weeks to train him or her personally. A well trained dog is a happy dog.

german shepherd training in las vegas

German Shepherd Training Houston

German Shepherd Training Houston

German Shepherd trainers in Houston.

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Circle K9 Dog Training near Houston

Circle K9 is owned by David and Andrea Ketterer.

David Ketterer is a certified professional dog trainer with many certifications which include:

  • Basic Pet Obedience
  • Advanced Pet Obedience
  • Puppy Imprinting
  • Competition Obedience
  • Retrieves
  • Agility
  • Narcotics and Scent detection
  • Tracking
  • Behavior Modification/Stopping Unwanted Behavior
  • Protection/Certified Schutzhund USA helper
  • President/Helper Greater Houston Schutzhund Club

Their Kennel is located at 18525 Horseshoe Trail Magnolia, Texas. They offer a free training evaluation.

Circle K9 offers 8 dog training programs:

Basic Obedience on Leash, which involves a 2 weeks dog training and a private lesson on sit, sit stay, down, down stay lessons.

3 week training plan, which includes a 2 Week Basic Obedience Package with greater precision and reliability.

The Extended Training Plan (4 weeks).

Intermediate Obedience (6 weeks).

Advanced Obedience (8 weeks).

Puppy Imprinting Training (2 week board and training).

Ultimate Companion Training Package (16 weeks training that would coincide with the owners lifestyle, with a dogs minimum age of 6 month), and training while boarding plan which is only available to dogs who have been previously trained by CK9.

With over 5 beautiful acres in their use, their kennel provides your dog with a fun and safe environment for both training and boarding.

Dogwood Dog Training & Sports Center

Dogwood Dog Training and Sport Center is a dog training center with highly experienced dog trainers

Their head trainer Debby Quigley has over 30 years of experience and over 100 High in Trials (HIT), over 100 High Combines (HC), and numerous titles in obedience, agility, tracking, nosework, herding and hunting venues.

Their training center is located at 8425 West Road Houston, Texas. Dogwood Dog Training and Sport Center is a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Through teamwork, expertise and dedication, they will provide the best in quality dog training. They offer training classes that involve Companion Pet Classes, Canine Good Citizen, Beyond Basic/Pre-Agility, Competition Obedience, Rally and Agility classes with a 4 weeks specialty training classes.

Dogwood Dog Training and Sport Center Companion Pet Training classes is a great place to start developing an amazing bond with your dog. When your dog passes through their dog training classes, it means they can walk on a loose leash, greet people calmly and always respond when called upon.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston have been serving the need of training family German Shepherd Dog since 1947.

The club is located in Houston, Texas. They are also a Regional Specialty dog club of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston are dedicated to promoting and maintaining the quality, beauty and temperament of the GSD. If you notice that you can not take your German Shepherd for a walk in the park, without it chasing birds or running off to play with other dogs, then The German Shepherd Dog Club is the right choice for you to train your dog.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston specializes on behavioral modification and canine behavior. They are dedicated to bringing out the best behavior in your dog, transforming all the aggressive behavior into a more important character in him. When your dog passes through their training classes, it will learn to be a more obedient and better behaved German Shepherd Dog.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston has also worked diligently with ‘armor’ K-9 Officers throughout the Houston/Galveston area.

They also have a bulletproof fund raising program, which was created to raise funds for dog's bulletproof vests.

Heidelberg German Shepherds near Houston

Heidelberg German Shepherd is a top quality dog training facility, located at 1623-A Riley-Fuzzel Road Spring, Texas.

Over 168 of their German Shepherds have finished their championships as of Oct.27, 2016. With a lot of experience in dog training, you can be rest assured that your dog’s bad behaviors issues will be solved in Heidelberg German Shepherds for good.

Heidelberg German Shepherd focus especially on temperament and intelligence training. It is believed that the German Shepherd as a breed is vicious and even dangerous to their owners.

Heidelberg German Shepherd dog training center believe that any dog can be properly trained to become one of the most protective dogs ever.

They will train your dog to be extremely protective of your pet, home and your entire family either in your presence or absence. With well-equipped training facilities and professional trainers, you can rest assured that Heidelberg German Shepherd training center will bring out the best in your dog and make it a more protective and friendly family dog.

Longoriahaus Dog Training

Longoriahaus Dog Training center was established by Al Longoria in Houston Texas.

He has a passion for training and helping other families have the same quality relationship that he has with his dogs. He has been involved in training and working with German Shepherds for over a decade. And been around them his entire life.

He is the President and training director for the Bayou City Schutzhund club and also a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America – Working dog Association.

Longoriahaus dog training center helps to eradicate behaviors such as:

  • constant licking
  • dog jumping on people
  • your dog nipping at you
  • your dog looking for food on the kitchen counter
  • your dog barking at your when you are making calls
  • your dog chewing your furniture
  • your dog getting into trash cans, and more.

All these behaviors can be addressed and solved by their professional style of dog training. After your dog has gone through their training classes, you would be in awe of your dogs behavior and tracking abilities.

With a lot of dog training classes made available by Longariahaus dog training, they also have dog training books, blogs and videos to help you with your dog training process.

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Renaissance Kennels

Renaissance Kennels Inc. is owned by Rodney Dean, who has years of experience in dog training dating back to his young age.

They are located in 32950 Old Hempstead Highway Magnolia, Texas.

With a lot of experience, Rodney and all other trainers in Renaissance are working hard to make dogs more happy and experienced in their human relationship. Their success is proven by many trained and titled dogs.

At Renaissance Kennels, they specialize on teaching families to understand and communicate with their dogs in a rewarding and non-stressful environment.

Their services include assessment, hour-long private lessons, in-home private lessons. Two week pet boarding with training and two week pet in-home training. Two week working-dog training and even one month pet boarding with training service.

Renaissance Kennels trainings includes Schutzhund training, where your dog is taught on Tracking, Obedience, and protection, German Shepherd puppy training and the Basic Command trainings.

All of their German Shepherd puppies are raised and trained in a pleasant and loving environment to assure that they are good tempered and affectionate dogs. They are also top notch dog breeders.

german shepherd training houston, german shepherd training near me