German Shepherd Training Las Vegas

German Shepherd trainers in Las Vegas.

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Assertive K-9 Training: Las Vegas

Assertive K-9 Training and Thinschmidt  German Shepherd is a top quality dog training center, owned and operated by a family with over 40 years in dog obedience training.

They have two training centers. One at 11111 Spanish Hills Dr. Corona, California and another at 3709 Bordley Way North Las Vegas.

Assertive K-9 Training and Thinschmidt is a certified dog training center. They have Certified Pet Trainers, Certified Regional Helper and Pet CPR & First Aid certifications. Dog trainers at the center are members of top dog training associations.

Their major mission is to guide dog owners and educate them on how to handle, train, and establish an appropriate relationship with their dogs by offering group classes and private training programs. In-board training programs and VIP training programs. So there is something for every client.

Manners training and behavioral management classes are some of the courses that will be offered during the group class session. While the private training program is ideal for dog owners who want a personal program and attention for their dogs.

The in-board training is meant for dog owners that would love their dogs to stay at the training facility while they are been trained, and the VIP training program is for those who want a top notch training in a more comfortable manner for their dogs.

They are also a GSD European line breeder.

Blue Ribbon K9 Las Vegas Dog Training Center

For families looking for a way to communicate more effectively with their dog and get rid of their dog’s bad behaviors,  Blue Ribbon K9- Las Vegas Dog Training is a worthwhile option to consider.

Blue Ribbon K9 dog training center was established in 1991, with over 25 years experience in dog training of all kind in Las Vegas and California.

They are located in 7260 W. Azure Drive Suite 140206 Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their main focus is training basic-to-advanced obedience. In addition to obedience training they also offer personal protection, puppy preschool programs, and are also certified to test dogs for AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Blue Ribbon K9’s certified professional Animal Behavior Specialists have studied dog behavior for over 20 years in order to provide you with the scientifically proven, motivational, and result oriented training solutions.

They offer training plans that ranges from Dog Obedience Training, Behavioral Modification, and Canine Aggression to Puppy Training plans.

Discounted rates are available for training newly adopted dogs, either from shelters or from rescue groups.

Gibson's Canine Classroom

Gibson’s Canine Classroom is located in Las Vegas.

The training center is owned by Mark Gibson, who has extensive 25 years experience and hands-on experience with dog training. They won the Las Vegas Top 25 Pet Service award in the year 2016

Gibson’s Canine Classroom dog training service addresses various dog's problems that involve aggression, anxiety, barking, destructiveness, fear/shyness, housetraining, and hyperactivity. Even resource guarding and sound phobias, such as thunderstorms.

Whatever are your dog’s quirks, problems, age, or energy level, you can be assured that Gibson’s Canine Classroom is a dependable and reputable trainer for your dog.

He can conveniently evaluate your dog’s temperament at your home. Ask the right questions and find the best solutions to improve your dog’s behavior. They provide proper training that enables the owners to learn to interact with their dog with more ease and better results.

Happy Tails Family Dog Training

Happy Tails Family Dog Training is a dog training center is owned by Deborah Manheim who has a CSAT, CDBC and CPDT-KA certification.

They offer reinforcement-based dog training in and around Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Happy Tails Family Dog Training are committed to helping you find practical solutions to your dog's problems, in order to keep your pet well behaved at your home.

Happy Trail Family Dog Training center uses a training method that marine mammal trainers have employed for years. It is called the Clicker training method, whereby a signal or event marker is used to send out sound to the dog. The Clicker method is used to build a partnership relationship between the dog and its owner.

Happy Trail Family Dog Training center's methods will help in solving your dog chewing, house soiling, vocalization, nipping and mouthing, dog to dog issues and inappropriate dog greetings. They will strive to provide you with the most up-to-date training protocols. But not only that, also to give you skills so you are able to continue your dog's training long after your training sessions at the training center.

GOT K9 Professional Dog Training

GOT K9 Professional Dog Training center in Las Vegas offers professional training programs for family dogs. They have been offering dog training services in Las Vegas over 15 years.

GOT K9 Professional Dog Training prefer a one-on-one training methods for dog training. They believe when dog owners are trained one-on-one with their dogs, it will improve the bond and create a more friendly relationship between the owner and the dog.

GOT K9 Professional Dog Training center will help in solving the issues of your dog becoming aggressive when around other dogs with their Dog aggression and socialization class.

Starting with a good foundation work and progressing to a more advanced obedience training, they will increase the level of your dog’s confidence.

With the help of their professional dog training, you are rest assured that your dogs bad behaviors and aggression problems will soon be solved.

Southern Nevada Dog Training

Southern Nevada Dog Training is owned by a formal Police and Canine trainer, Michael Whitty. With over 20 years of professional dog training experience, he uses positive reinforcement with firm and authoritative handling in training dogs without the use of shock collar.

They are located in Southern Nevada, Las Vegas.

Southern Nevada Dog Training specializes on correcting typical dog behavioral problems that involves excessive barking, jumping at visitors, lunging or biting at people/aggression, destructive chewing, house training, pulling on leash, running out the dog, separation anxiety and fear or anxiety problems.

With their puppy training class, basic obedience training, potty training, leash training and off leash training classes, all your dog’s behavioral problems will be solved in no time. Their clients have the option of either choosing the private dog training lesson, the group dog training classes, or the K-9 camp.

For clients who are interested in the private training lessons, there are options too. The most popular private training course involves 6-8 training sessions, where you dog will have a one-on-one training session with the dog trainer at your home, or a location of your choice.

The group dog training class includes a 8 one hour group classes which usually are held once per week on a Saturday for 8 weeks in a roll.

These classes are a great way to socialize your dog with other dogs.

The K-9 camp is the most advanced dog training option whereby the dog trainer would take your dog home for 3 weeks to train him or her personally. A well trained dog is a happy dog.

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