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German Shepherd trainers in Houston.

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Circle K9 Dog Training near Houston

Circle K9 is owned by David and Andrea Ketterer.

David Ketterer is a certified professional dog trainer with many certifications which include:

  • Basic Pet Obedience
  • Advanced Pet Obedience
  • Puppy Imprinting
  • Competition Obedience
  • Retrieves
  • Agility
  • Narcotics and Scent detection
  • Tracking
  • Behavior Modification/Stopping Unwanted Behavior
  • Protection/Certified Schutzhund USA helper
  • President/Helper Greater Houston Schutzhund Club

Their Kennel is located at 18525 Horseshoe Trail Magnolia, Texas. They offer a free training evaluation.

Circle K9 offers 8 dog training programs:

Basic Obedience on Leash, which involves a 2 weeks dog training and a private lesson on sit, sit stay, down, down stay lessons.

3 week training plan, which includes a 2 Week Basic Obedience Package with greater precision and reliability.

The Extended Training Plan (4 weeks).

Intermediate Obedience (6 weeks).

Advanced Obedience (8 weeks).

Puppy Imprinting Training (2 week board and training).

Ultimate Companion Training Package (16 weeks training that would coincide with the owners lifestyle, with a dogs minimum age of 6 month), and training while boarding plan which is only available to dogs who have been previously trained by CK9.

With over 5 beautiful acres in their use, their kennel provides your dog with a fun and safe environment for both training and boarding.

Dogwood Dog Training & Sports Center

Dogwood Dog Training and Sport Center is a dog training center with highly experienced dog trainers

Their head trainer Debby Quigley has over 30 years of experience and over 100 High in Trials (HIT), over 100 High Combines (HC), and numerous titles in obedience, agility, tracking, nosework, herding and hunting venues.

Their training center is located at 8425 West Road Houston, Texas. Dogwood Dog Training and Sport Center is a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Through teamwork, expertise and dedication, they will provide the best in quality dog training. They offer training classes that involve Companion Pet Classes, Canine Good Citizen, Beyond Basic/Pre-Agility, Competition Obedience, Rally and Agility classes with a 4 weeks specialty training classes.

Dogwood Dog Training and Sport Center Companion Pet Training classes is a great place to start developing an amazing bond with your dog. When your dog passes through their dog training classes, it means they can walk on a loose leash, greet people calmly and always respond when called upon.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston have been serving the need of training family German Shepherd Dog since 1947.

The club is located in Houston, Texas. They are also a Regional Specialty dog club of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston are dedicated to promoting and maintaining the quality, beauty and temperament of the GSD. If you notice that you can not take your German Shepherd for a walk in the park, without it chasing birds or running off to play with other dogs, then The German Shepherd Dog Club is the right choice for you to train your dog.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston specializes on behavioral modification and canine behavior. They are dedicated to bringing out the best behavior in your dog, transforming all the aggressive behavior into a more important character in him. When your dog passes through their training classes, it will learn to be a more obedient and better behaved German Shepherd Dog.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston has also worked diligently with ‘armor’ K-9 Officers throughout the Houston/Galveston area.

They also have a bulletproof fund raising program, which was created to raise funds for dog's bulletproof vests.

Heidelberg German Shepherds near Houston

Heidelberg German Shepherd is a top quality dog training facility, located at 1623-A Riley-Fuzzel Road Spring, Texas.

Over 168 of their German Shepherds have finished their championships as of Oct.27, 2016. With a lot of experience in dog training, you can be rest assured that your dog’s bad behaviors issues will be solved in Heidelberg German Shepherds for good.

Heidelberg German Shepherd focus especially on temperament and intelligence training. It is believed that the German Shepherd as a breed is vicious and even dangerous to their owners.

Heidelberg German Shepherd dog training center believe that any dog can be properly trained to become one of the most protective dogs ever.

They will train your dog to be extremely protective of your pet, home and your entire family either in your presence or absence. With well-equipped training facilities and professional trainers, you can rest assured that Heidelberg German Shepherd training center will bring out the best in your dog and make it a more protective and friendly family dog.

Longoriahaus Dog Training

Longoriahaus Dog Training center was established by Al Longoria in Houston Texas.

He has a passion for training and helping other families have the same quality relationship that he has with his dogs. He has been involved in training and working with German Shepherds for over a decade. And been around them his entire life.

He is the President and training director for the Bayou City Schutzhund club and also a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America – Working dog Association.

Longoriahaus dog training center helps to eradicate behaviors such as:

  • constant licking
  • dog jumping on people
  • your dog nipping at you
  • your dog looking for food on the kitchen counter
  • your dog barking at your when you are making calls
  • your dog chewing your furniture
  • your dog getting into trash cans, and more.

All these behaviors can be addressed and solved by their professional style of dog training. After your dog has gone through their training classes, you would be in awe of your dogs behavior and tracking abilities.

With a lot of dog training classes made available by Longariahaus dog training, they also have dog training books, blogs and videos to help you with your dog training process.

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Renaissance Kennels

Renaissance Kennels Inc. is owned by Rodney Dean, who has years of experience in dog training dating back to his young age.

They are located in 32950 Old Hempstead Highway Magnolia, Texas.

With a lot of experience, Rodney and all other trainers in Renaissance are working hard to make dogs more happy and experienced in their human relationship. Their success is proven by many trained and titled dogs.

At Renaissance Kennels, they specialize on teaching families to understand and communicate with their dogs in a rewarding and non-stressful environment.

Their services include assessment, hour-long private lessons, in-home private lessons. Two week pet boarding with training and two week pet in-home training. Two week working-dog training and even one month pet boarding with training service.

Renaissance Kennels trainings includes Schutzhund training, where your dog is taught on Tracking, Obedience, and protection, German Shepherd puppy training and the Basic Command trainings.

All of their German Shepherd puppies are raised and trained in a pleasant and loving environment to assure that they are good tempered and affectionate dogs. They are also top notch dog breeders.

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