German Shepherd Training Colorado

German Shepherd training schools in Colorado.

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Colorado German Shepherds

Colorado German Shepherds is a training center for dogs located in Franktown Colorado. They specialize mainly on training German Shepherd Dogs. They are OFA certified. All their German Shepherds are DNA tested and all their adults have protection training and are titled.

Their training for German Shepherds training includes training for World champions, Temperament for pet or show,

With all this training, your dog will be able to learn most of the behavioral training and obedience training necessary to make it a better dog. Colorado German Shepherds also offer training for protection dogs.

Dogs trained for protection will go through the Schutzhund training, Life-Long bonding training, Protection sport training and search and rescue training.

Dogs trained for protection are always loyal to their owners, so there is need for the owner to be around for the training, so the owner and the dog can both be trained together. Dogs that are trained at their center are brave, loyal, independent, and intelligent.

Colorado German Shepherds are also breeders of AKC German Shepherds with lineage of World Champions, Obedience titled dogs, and Schutzhund Champion dogs, all of whom can socialize easily into a loving family environment.

Their puppies are already vaccinated and microchipped.


Come Sit Stay is a professional dog training center that is located at both 9099 S. Woodwan Way in Parker and 12692 W. Ken Caryl Ave in Littleton Colorado.

It is a family owned dog training center that is owned by both Tim and Lori. They provide their clients with maximum results with just minimum efforts, with their 3 modes of training whereby you can choose from, based on budget and time availability.

They have a very beautiful training facility where you can bring your dogs to be trained on aggressive behavior, feeding behavior and obedience behavior.

They have professional trainers that interact with the dogs every day to monitor their progress and train them on a daily basis to be the best they can be using high quality dog training equipment.

They have a 3 week training package that include 3 private follow-up lesson. For the follow-up lessons, you may schedule those lessons when you check in your dog. One of the follow-up lessons must be conducted when you check-out and the other two must be completed within one month.

Come Sit Play also offer pet boarding, doggie day play and pet shipping services.

Kevlera K9 Professional Dog Training

The Kelevra K9 Professional Dog Training is a top rated dog training center, established in 2015. It is located in Northern Colorado.

Dog trainers in Kelevra K9 has a combined experience of over 25 years in dog training with certificate in Decoy Certification and Obedience Team.

Kevlera K9 specialize in all aspects of dog training ranging from personal protection dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs and competition dogs.

Their mission is to deliver the exact training the customers want and need for their dog, through handler education, dog training, and superior support, they make the dream of their customers come true.

For protection dogs training, they train both you and your dog together. They want both you and your dog to bond together a much as possible by training you together. After each training exercise, you would see improvements in your dog behavior.

Their training programs include protection training, obedience training, scent detection, tracking, and guard dog training.

Off-Leash K9 Training - Colorado

We also have the Off-leash K9 training center for dog owners who want to have a better relationship with their dogs.

If you are worried about your dog’s behavioral characteristics, then Off-leash K9 dog training center Colorado is the best for you.

With 3 major centers in Colorado, Colorado springs, Denver and Northern Colorado, Off-leash training is an off leash dog training business that specializes in private lessons, dog behavior consultations and puppy consultation.

With dog trainers with experience and training ranging from US Military, DOD, US Secret Service, and private sector, your dog would be trained to have the same level of obedience as most police or military working dogs.

The Off-Leash K9 Training is a veteran owned and family operated dog training center, a member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers and fully licensed and insured.

They have won 2 world records in dog obedience training, voted best dog trainer in Virginia two years in a row and over 1200+ before and after videos on YouTube.

They offer services that ranges from Puppy training, Starter packages, Basic obedience, Advanced obedience, Basic and Advanced obedience combined together and a 2-week board and train services. They also have a YouTube channel where you can watch their dog training exercises.

Rancho Terra Norte

Rancho Terra Norte is a home for quality German Shepherds and the Northern Colorado Herding Cooperative.

They are located in Northern Colorado, just north of Fort Collins.  It is a family owned dog training center.

In 1984, the beginning of Terra Norte started, when the owner had a German Shepherd Dog.

Her goal is to provide families with dogs that will be good members of the family.

The training center was established in April 2003 on a 40 acres of rolling, dry land native grass with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain.

Training centers have members that are currently active in both regional and national breed clubs. Their members are accredited ASCA, AHBA and AKC herding judges.

With a parking capability for over 100 vehicles, there are enough spaces for clients to bring their dogs for training.

They offer training programs that ranges from dog obedience training, canine behavior modification and protection training programs. Your dog will be trained on how to walk on a loose leash, sit on command, and lie down when told and to remain the down position when told to do so until release.

All the bad behaviors in your dog which could have been caused by improper socialization during the imprinting phase will be replaced with correct behaviors. Ranco Terra Norte offer a 6 session training course to prepare dogs for the AKC Farm Dog Certification Test.

Rancho Terra Norte also can help you with training other dog breeds.

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Two Bears Dog Training

It is more relaxing and fun to have your dog obey and listen to every single instruction your give to him.

This may sound strange and difficult to achieve, but Two Bears Dog training is a dog training center that is dedicated to bringing the best out of your dog.

It is a family owned dog training center that was established in the year 1997 and located in Colorado.

The training center is a member of Longmont Humane Society, International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), Black Diamond Schutzhund Club, United States Mondioring Association (USMRA) and Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine (DVG).

Ever since it has been created, they have been helping humans and their dogs to have a better relationship with each other. They offer the best dog training exercise in Colorado with experienced training staff that has over 40 years of combined experience.

Their mission is to help you and your dog/puppy to learn how to develop fast and relate well with each other by giving you both the skills and the tools to continue the training process as long as you want.

At Two Bears Dog training center, dogs thrive on Carnivore meat, LLC and Red Rock Raw, raw meat diets, just to make sure that your dog are well taken care-of and that they are feed on healthy raw meat diet.

They use a “marker’’ and reward based motivational training to teach your dog desirable behavior and how to maintain those behaviors when in your care by teaching them 6 or more behaviors in 6 sessions.

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