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German Shepherd Harness - Which To Choose?

There are three main types of German Shepherd harness to choose from. All three are functional, versatile, and meet most dogs needs.

Every dog, not only German Shepherds, needs to be harness trained. In this short article we'll focus on the three most common harnesses for a German Shepherd, whose role is to be the best family pet.

No Pull German Shepherd Harness

The "no pull' type of German Shepherd harness helps to teach your dog not to pull. It cradles around it's chest and shoulders to prevent choking when pulling. Because it supports the shoulders and chest rather than the neck, you can better control your dog.

Due to it not choking the dog you will get a better reaction from your dog using this type of harness. The leash is usually attached to a ring at top of the shoulders. This placement also takes away the strain on pet owners arms and shoulders from a dog who pulls. It's especially important to easily control a bigger dog like a German Shepherd.

Car German Shepherd Harness

If you plan to take your dog on outings having a car harness will help keep him put while you drive.

There are few potentially greater distraction to a driver than a large dog jumping around in the car.

Using a car harness keeps your pet safe when traveling and lets the driver keep focus on driving. Some no pull harnesses can also double as a car harness. Make sure the harness you choose for car usage is meant for that purpose. Using an incompatible harness for the car can lead to serious injury for your pet.

Gentle Leader German Shepherd Harness

The gentle leader type of German Shepherd harness is an option for GSD owners. It fits around the muzzle of the dog and tightens up if your dog pulls away. This type of German Shepherd harness is meant to teach the dog to walk naturally next to you without having full body control. Some dogs prefer this type as it doesn't feel as confining to them.

Another reason dog owners like this type of harness is that some German Shepherds may snap or bite. The way the gentle leader is fitted can give you the ability to interrupt your pet as it goes to snap. It pulls around the muzzle to prevent a big bite. It is used in place of a muzzle but shouldn't totally be depended on to prevent biting. The gentle leader is meant for use as a training and safety harness much like the others.

Harnesses for German Shepherds come in many popular forms. If you do a lot of night time walking or running with your pet you might look for a harness that is reflective for safety and visibility.

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